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D&E Charters, LLC
RIde In Luxury


Enjoy more affordable and exciting travel with help from our travel experts based in Lanett, AL. D&E Charters, LLC are your travel, Cruise, Casino, Fun Trip, School Charter experts that take you away from the "ordinary" and put you in the middle of the "extraordinary." Contact us now for fantastic travel packages at prices that won't break your budget.

We Do it All for You

Whether you are a business or a social organization, we at D&E Charters, LLC offer the perfect travel options. Our friendly staff is equipped with the state of the art tools that will make your travel planning very easy and effective.

Contact us at (706) 518-0723 to know more about our exclusive travel deals and packages that will meet the needs of your budg..



Dobbs & Edmondson Enterprises, LLC DBA D&E Charters, Lanett, AL P.O. 264 Lanett, AL 36863

Phone: (706)518-0723 or (706)773-1950 Fax: 1(888)882-9466 email: